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When receiving an order, That makes limiarlibros.com?
Who we are and where we are ?
Form of shipment
Spain Against reimbursement (single for internal use)
Entrance ou banking transference

When receiving an order, That makes limiarlibros.com?

1º. It reviews the availability, and it reserves the book for the client.

2º. It carries out the calculation of the cost of the shipment, for that reason it is essential instead of shipment. One studies that the shipment costs are the possible minors.

3º. One inquires to the client and the payment is facilitated:

If the client expresses desire to pay by banking transference:
An order code is sent to the client and nº of account of the bank of Limiar libros, S.L. available for payments in Spain, like guarantee of its order.

If its payment is by credit card:
An invoice is sent to the client, by means of PayPal, like guarantee of its order, appearing in the reference of same its code of order (you go. of I articulate).

4º. One first guarantee of limiarlibros.com is the answer of its order, assuming its commitment.
One second guarantee of limiarlibros.com is the emitted receipt, to name of the client, by the bank once conducted, or the code of the transaction emitted by the footbridge of PayPal payment, to the client, and that are in being able of the client.

5º. When it receives the payment, it makes the safe shipment, guaranteed.
Limiarlibros.com contacts again with the client to indicate the situation of its order and the code to him of shipment, if it has been made.
This is the third guarantee of the commitment of limiarlibros.com

6º. We did not conduct any automatic or robotizada operation. Our deal with the client is personal.
The answer to the order of the client is not immediate, since it is processed manually, can take minutes, or hours.
A person responsible for limiarlibros.com takes care of the client directly, the 24 hours, every day.
In limiarlibros.com we give guarantee.

Who we are and where we are:

Name: Limiar Libros, S.L. (Libraría Limiar)
Ours nº of Fiscal identification in Spain: B15479157
Our direction: C Venezuela, 33, B, CP: 15404
Our city: Ferrol (To Corunna)
Our Country: Spain (Galiza)
Our Telfs.: +34 981327953
                   +34 655011250.

Form of shipment:

Spanish state (Spain):

It is used generally, the average technicians of post office of Spain.

The client will receive communication of his office of shipment reception, for the delivery of his order will depend on the company of you transport on 5 days workable (except for technical complications). Post office in Spain generally give the packages in the address of the client.

Outside Spain:

"The shipment is made by terrestrial transport in Europe and by boat to the American Continent and others, it is average the more insurance, economic and mainly of quality (as far as the treatment of the merchandise).

The time of transit between the international office of post office of Spain and the offices of Europe is around 10 days, with the American Continent and others are around the 20 days, (according to information of Spain post office). "

"The means of aerial transport are not recommended, by the technicians of transport, due to the exhaustive controls of the airports by questions of security of the passage, the scales areas with transfer and re classification of the merchandise, that cause frequent deviations and delays of the same ones.
The dedicated safe alternatives, to this economic shipment, are very expensive for the client, increasing the expenses of shipment (on the economic price) of 60 to 90 euros."

The payment can be made by means of a direct entrance in account or transference to the banking account of our company that we will indicate cor to him electronic mail. So soon we have certainty of the entrance we will come to the shipment. We requested to him sends a mail to us to be faster.

Shipment and modes of payment outside Spain, from limiarlibros.com
The expenses of customs, if there were them, that are generated by the liberation of the merchandise are the responsibility of the client.

We will send to an invoice of pre payment to him to its electronic mail, in which nº of order code will consist (identification article), and the option to make the safe payment by PayPal. It does not have costs for you you are the most comfortable, safe and fast way. This option will be applied by defect to the international orders.